Slow Motion Scene Of Her Walking Down The Street To Meet Me

by In Ashes

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bummer summer 2014


I dreamt of falling asleep on your front porch
So I wouldn't have to say goodbye
I'd miss my flight, wouldn't miss your eyes
But you're always too busy for me
Now that I left I am bereft
Of anyone or anything to call my own
I'll remember that day we met
How could things ever be more perfect then when I'm with you?

I'll remember those starlit nights at moonlight beach
The day Cecelia jumped, the night you drank
I took the pill, I watched it sink
I said I care for you, what did you think I meant
I wish you'd stay away from all these things
That change your state of mind, they only bring
More for me to whine about, we fight about
So why didn't we?

The night he invaded your body you told me you were sorry
But how could you be?
You let them in, you pushed me back
When I thought we had more than that
You let me down


released July 6, 2014



all rights reserved